Welcome to the Lake Tanganyika Fisheries Research web site

The aim of this site is to provide info about fisheries research and the state of scientific knowledge on Lake Tanganyika, one of the greatest rift lakes in east-central Africa:

Click Africa map to obtain detailed map of Lake Tanganyika

The main content deals with the Lake itself:

several characteristics of Lake Tanganyika (limnology, total fish catch, main fish species, ornamental fish trade, Hydrobiologia publication)
a number of research projects (LTR, ENSO, CLIMLAKE, LTBP, CRRHA)

Further you will find:

a section with some photographs about research activities and scientists involved
a section where you can order online fish and fishery related books in US $ or English £, etc.
a section with interesting links to websites of research projects, institutions, other great lakes, aquarium fishes, databases, etc.
a section with frequently asked questions
a section with our contact address and our guestbook
"aquarium tank calculations" freeware to download

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