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Malawi Cichlids

Malawi Cichlids : Keeping & Breeding Them in Captivity by David Boruchowitz (Paperback 1997, List Price: $6.95, Our Price: $5.56)
Aquarium Fish of the World

Aquarium Fish of the World : The Comprehensive Guide to 650 Species
by Atsushi Sakurai, et al (Hardcover 1993, 296 p., List Price: $35.00, Our Price: $24.50): The 650 species are represented in 1,100 fine color photos with good captions describing origins, habits, and culture. Photos are of two types -- the fish on a white background, and in an aquatic (generally aquaria) environment.
101 Essential Tips: Aquarium Fish

101 Essential Tips: Aquarium Fish by Dick Mills & Deni Bown (Paperback 1996, List Price: $4.95, Our Price: $3.96): A visual guide to some 500 marine and freshwater fish varieties. It is a beautifully designed book with eye-catching, clear photos of each fish accompanied by description of appearance and habitat and remarks on temperament, diet and tank needs.
The Cichlid Aquarium

The Cichlid Aquarium by Paul V. & Dr. Loiselle
(Hardcover 1995, 440 p., List Price: $49.95, Our Price: $34.97): This book does a great job of helping the beginner set up and maintain their first cichlid aquarium and is an excellent resource for learning about cichlid behaviors.

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