Favorite Links
   Fisheries related projects

   The official website of the GCP/RAF/271/FIN Lake Tanganyika Research Project
   Lake Tanganyika Biodiversity Project site (public sector)
   "Nyanza", Training in Tropical Lakes Project

   FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations)

   General FAO homepage
   FAO Publications homepage
   FAO Fisheries homepage
   FAO Fisheries Statistics Database, containing time series data by country on volume of annual fish production (catch and culture)

   Organisations / Institutes

   Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization
   The Program on the Lakes of East Africa (PLEA)
   Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute (TAFIRI)
   University of Arizona (USA), Investigations of Lake Tanganyika
   International Decade for the East African Lakes (IDEAL) site
   International Association for Great Lakes Research - Lake facts
   Support Unit for International Fisheries and Aquatic Research (SIFAR)

   Aquarium sites

   FishIndex.com : an aquarium site with photos, fish profiles, information, message board, and a chat room.
   The Tanganyikan Cichlids (UK) site: very nice site with photos, articles, screensavers, video, books, search ability, etc.
   Tanganyika Cichlids: nice site in french language
   "Julidochromis" site
   The Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi, Africa
   "Aquaria Central": interesting site with search engine only for aquatic sites
   Aquaria Central Fish Chat Room
   Centralpets com : including dedicated pages of fish kept in captivity

   Fish, Fisheries and Aquatic Systems Scientific Journals

   Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
   Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries
   Environmental Biology of Fishes
   Chapman & Hall, Fish and Fisheries Series
   Water, Air & Soil Pollution
   Fish Physiology and Biochemistry
   Journal of Aquatic Ecosystem Stress and Recovery
   Mangroves and Salt Marshes

   General Scientific Journals


   Satellite images of Lake Tanganyika

   Geosystems Today: An Interactive Casebook - Tour II

   Fishery and Aquaculture database

   Fishbase 99: a scientific database of over 20000 fish species
   European Community Marine Fisheries Information System
   Database of biological studies in fisheries and aquaculture
   ILEC database of hundreds of lakes of the world

   Lodges around Lake Tanganyika

   Kasaba Bay Lodge 'Out of Africa' (Zambia): Fishing, wildlife, birding and beauty

   Belgian links

   Fisheries Research Station, Oostende (Belgium)
   Vlaamse Milieu Maatschappij

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