Whenever possible, this site will be updated with newly received information, photos, etc..

History of updates of this site:

   13.08.2002 : added brief description of breeding of Lates niloticus; removed Enews-magazines link
   27.12.2001: update summary ENSO-project; summary new CLIMLAKE-project
   01.11.2001: update links and other general updates
   30.05.2001: new freeware page with tool to calculate capacity, medical doses, heating and weight of different types of aquarium tanks
   20.05.2001: update links and publications list on Lake Tanganyika page
   13.05.2001: nineth picture of the mont showing a sunset on the Lake; update of the ENSO-project
   23.03.2001: eight picture of the month showing Kasaba Bay, Zambia.
   14.01.2001: seventh picture of the month showing Utinta Bay, Tanzania.
   19.12.2000: sixth picture of the month showing the catch of a trawling operation.
   29.10.2000: fifth picture of the month showing a trawling operation aboard R/V Tanganyika Explorer.
   27.08.2000: enews.com magazines, ordering condition addition:  90-Day Risk-FREE trials!
   17.08.2000: third and fourth picture of the month showing the difference between the 2 clupeids; update of the favorite links
   14.08.2000: second picture of the month
   08.07.2000: started picture of the month, thumbnail on homepage; new fish and fisheries related magazines from Enews
   08.06.2000: new links added; moved announcement new publication to Lake Tanganyika page ; update of the ENSO project; update on Lates stappersii data
   08.05.2000: update homepage (new publication) and  selected list of LTR publications
   18.04.2000: update homepage, announcing Jinja Conference on Lake Victoria
   23.03.2000: update of the ENSO project
   01.03.2000: book added (on the evolution of fishes) in books online, amazon.com, fish diversity
   19.02.2000: update of the fishing in Kasaba bay (Zambia, Lake Tanganyika) FAQ
   12.02.2000: update of the LTR project info regarding the national execution phase.