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CRRHA Project
The Belgium-CEPGL CRRHA Project (1992-96) "Creation and Management of a Regional Research Station in Applied Hydrobiology for Lakes Tanganyika, Kivu, Edward and the lakes of the Bugesera":

   Execution: ABOS/AGCD (Belgian Cooperation Agency) and KUL (Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium);
   Duration: 4 years (5.1992 - 4.1996), first phase; the project was not extended because of the socio-political turmoil in the region.;
   Funding: ABOS/AGCD and IRAZ (Institut de Recherche Agronomique et Zootechnique de la CEPGL (Economic Community of the Great Lakes Countries));
   Scientific Coordination: KUL (Belgium) and IRAZ (CEPGL);
   Objectives: to develop the hydrobiological research on Lake Tanganyika and to train local scientific personnel;
   Activities: include studies of the different lake species, on the physico-chemical water quality, on food chains, on species systematics, on pollution by inflowing rivers, etc.;
   Project staff: international staff based in Bujumbura, Burundi, from 1992 till 1996: Dr. L. Risch (project coordinator), Dr. L. De Vos (ichtyologist) , Dr. A. Vandelannoote (limnologist); national director: Dr. G. Ntakimazi (University of Burundi); scientific coordinators: Dr. J. Kafurera (IRAZ), Prof. F. Ollevier (KUL); scientific advisers: Prof. H. Deelstra (UIA, University of Antwerp, Belgium) and Prof. D. Thys van den Audenaerde (KUL-KMMA, Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren, Belgium)
   Research Results: published in several reports and international scientific journals.