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Selected list of Publications
List of Technical Documents of the FAO/FINNIDA LTR Project (regularly updated), some have an abstract linked:

Reynolds J.E., 1992, Towards a regional information base for Lake Tanganyika Research. GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/01 (En): 120p.

Reynolds J.E., 1992, Vers la création d'une base d'information régionale pour la Recherche du lac Tanganyika. GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/01 (Fr): 126p.

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Hanek G. & E.J. Coenen (eds), 1992, Rapport de la Première Réunion Conjointe du Comité de Coordination et du Comité Scientifique International du Projet GCP/RAF/271/FIN. GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/02 (Fr): 42p.

Coenen E.J., 1992, Regional Documentation Centre for Lake Tanganyika Fisheries Research: preliminary assessment and list of bibliographic references. GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/03 (En): 126p.

Mitson R.B., 1992, Lake Tanganyika: assessment of fisheries acoustic survey equipment. GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/04 (En): 29p.

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Hanek G. & D. Greboval, 1992, Report on the Meeting of Project Managers for the Coordination of Stock Assessment Work on East African Lakes. GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/07 (En): 51p.

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Hanek G., Coenen E.J. & P. Kotilainen, 1993, Enquête Cadre Aérienne des Pêcheries du lac Tanganyika. GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/09 (Fr): 29p.

Coenen E., Hanek G & P. Kotilainen, 1993, Shoreline classification of Lake Tanganyika based on the results of an aerial Frame Survey (29.09.92 - 03.10.92). GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/10 (En): 11p.

Coenen E.J., Hanek G. & P. Kotilainen, 1993, Classification de la ligne côtière du lac Tanganyika basée sur les résultats de l'Enquête Cadre Aérienne (29.09.92 - 03.10.92). GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/10 (Fr): 13p.

Coenen E.J., 1993, Report on the First Workshop on the Coordination and Standardization of fisheries statistics for Lake Tanganyika (Bujumbura, 26-30 July 1993). GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/11 (En): 10p., 5 ann.

Coenen E.J., 1993, Rapport sur le Premier Atelier Statistique sur la Coordination et la Standardisation des Statistiques des Pêches pour le lac Tanganyika (Bujumbura, 26-30 juillet 1993). GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/11 (Fr): 11p., 5 ann.

Hanek G. (ed.), 1993, Reports of Travel 16-30 of project GCP/RAF/271/FIN. GCP/RAF/275/FIN-TD/12 (En): 96p.

Hanek G. & E.J. Coenen, 1993, Report of the Second Joint Meeting of the LTR's Coordination and International Scientific Committees. GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/13 (En): 35p.

Hanek G. & E.J. Coenen, 1993, Rapport de la Deuxième Réunion Conjointe du Comité de Coordination et du Comité Scientifique International. GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/13 (Fr): 39p.

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Coenen E.J. (ed.), 1994, Historical data report on the Fisheries, Fisheries Statistics, Fishing Gears and Water Quality of Lake Tanganyika (Tanzania). GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/15 (En & Fr): 115p.

Coenen E.J., 1994, Semi-industrial fishing on Lake Tanganyika, with special reference to the fisheries statistics of the industrial fishing fleet of Kalemie (Zaire), 10.92-11.93. GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/16 (En): 39p.

Coenen E.J. & G. Hanek, 1994, Report on LTR's Second Scientific Sampling Programme Assessment Meeting, Kigoma, 11-12.04.1994. GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/17 (En): 20p.

Coenen E.J., 1994, Frame Survey results for Lake Tanganyika, Burundi (28-31.10.1992) and comparison with past surveys. GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/18 (En): 26p.

Hanek G. (ed.), 1994, Reports of Travel 31-45 of project GCP/RAF/271/FIN. GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/19 (En): 71p.

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Parkkinen J., Tuomainen V., Patomäki L., Lindqvist O. V. & Mölsä H, 1994, Designing Satellite Image Analysis for the Lake Tanganyika Research Project. GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/21 (En): 28p.

Parkkinen J., V. Tuomainen, L. Patomäki, O.V. Lindqvist & H. Mölsä, 1994, Analyses des dessins des images par satellite pour le projet de Recherche au lac Tanganyika. GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/21 (Fr): 29p.

Vuorinen I. & H. Kurki, 1994, Zooplankton sampling on Lake Tanganyika. GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/22 (En): 42p.

Vuorinen I. & H. Kurki, 1994, Résultats préliminaires sur l'échantillonnage du zooplancton au lac Tanganyika. GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/22 (Fr): 43p.

Kuusipalo L., 1994, Assessing genetic structure of pelagic fish population of Lake Tanganyika. GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/23 (En): 13p.

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Coenen E.J. & E. Nikomeze, 1994, Résultats des Enquêtes d'Evaluation des Captures de 1992-93 au lac Tanganyika, Burundi. GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/24 (Fr): 28p.

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Salonen K & J. Sarvala, 1994, Sources of energy for secondary production in Lake Tanganyika: Objectives, approaches and initial experiences. GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/26 (En): 30p.

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Kurki H. & I. Vuorinen, 1995, Zooplankton Ecology of Lake Tanganyika report on the results of LTR's Scientific Sampling Programme. GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/34 (En): 29p.

Kurki H. & I. Vuorinen, 1995, Ecologie du Zooplancton au lac Tanganyika: rapport sur les résultats du Programme Scientifique d'Echantillonnage de RLT. GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/34 (Fr): 32p.

Pakkasmaa S. & J. Sarvala, 1995, Preliminary study and growth of the pelagic clupeids in Lake Tanganyika estimated from daily otolith increments. GCP/RAF/271/FIN/TD/35 (En): 29p.

Pakkasmaa S. & J. Sarvala, 1995, Etude préliminaire et croissance des Clupéidés pélagiques du lac Tanganyika estimée sur base des accroissements journaliers des otolithes. GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/35 (Fr): 32p.

Sarvala J. & K. Salonen, 1995, Preliminary Experiments on phytoplankton production ecology in Lake Tanganyika. GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/36 (En): 38p.

Hanek G. & G.V. Everett (eds)., 1995, Report on the Workshop on the Management and Planning of Lake Tanganyika Pelagic Stocks. GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/37 (En): 79p.

Hanek G. & G.V. Everett (eds.), 1995, Rapport de l'Atelier sur l'Aménagement et la Planification des stocks de poisons pélagiques au lac Tanganyika. GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD/37 (Fr): 78p.

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The above publications are now available on CD-ROM ; some of the above publications are also available from FAO on microfiche.
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