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LTR Project
Research for the Management of the Fisheries of Lake Tanganyika (LTR), FAO-FINNIDA Project GCP/RAF/271/FIN:

   Execution: FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations)
   Duration: started in 1992 , its operational phase ended at the end of January 2000. From then on, a national execution phase started (up to 31.12.2001) and still funded by Finland, to execute the Lake Tanganyika Fisheries Monitoring Programme (LTFMP)
   Funding: FINNIDA (Finnish International Development Agency)
   Scientific Coordination: the Institute of Applied Biotechnology at the University of Kuopio ( Several other Finnish scientists (Universities of Turku, Helsinki, Joensuu and Lappeenranta; Regional Environmental Agency of Häme, Tampere; and the Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute) were also closely involved in different researches.
   Activities: for the first time, multidisciplinary research (limnology, hydrodynamics, zooplankton studies, fish biology, fisheries statistics, remote sensing, fish genetics, carbon-energy budget, hydro-acoustics, etc.) was carried out lake-wide in a standardised way.
   Field work: was mainly coordinated out of 3 major field stations (Bujumbura, Burundi together with Uvira, Zaïre; Kigoma, Tanzania and Mpulungu, Zambia) where international FAO staff was posted. All research was done in close collaboration with the staff of the Fisheries Departments and/or Research Institutes of the riparian states involved. A follow-up (national execution) Monitoring Programme by the riparian states has been implemented as from 01.02.2000. This phase is now coordinated by Mr. D.B/R. Chitamwebwa, Regional (National) Coordinator ( ) while the responsibility for its execution at different research stations is assumed by the following Officers-in-Charge: in Bujumbura (Burundi) by Mr. Saidi BADENDE (; in Uvira (D.R.C.) by Mr. MULIMBWA N'Sibula (c/o; in Kigoma (Tanzania) by Mr. CHITAMWEBWA ( and, finally, in Mpulungu (Zambia) by Mr. Leonard MWAPE (ltfmpmp@zamserve.zamtel.zam ). The scientific coordination of the LTFMP continues to be to be assured by the University of Kuopio ( ).
   Research vessel: the major research vessel "Tanganyika Explorer" (25.3 m long stern trawler) became operational mid-95 and carried out 20 lake-wide, multidisciplinary research cruises since; LTR' lease expired at the end of April 1998 which means that the vessel also can be rented by other research teams........

   Research results: being published in project Technical Documents and Manuals and other international scientific publications. Recently, the 100th Technical Document was finalized and they were all - together with other relevant info - put on 1 CD-ROM which now can be ordered by all interested: all Lake Tanganyika Research documents and publications are available in CD-ROM format from the University of Kuopio, Finland.

The purchase price per CD-ROM is $60 USD [ $40 US per CD-ROM + 22%VAT + $10 US for shipping & handling ] . Available in English and French language.
Orders may be placed directly through:
Ms. Anja Nuutinen
University of Kuopio
P.O. Box 1627
Kuopio, Finland
All the above LTR results, including primary data and preliminary analyses, were published between 1992-1999. Publications of LTR were issued in two series:
a) Field Guides and Manuals (GCP/RAF/271/FIN-FM) provide background on sampling methodologies and procedures;
b) Technical Documents (GCP/RAF/271/FIN-TD) report the results of different research components, meetings and missions.
A total of 20 Field Guides and Manuals and 100 Technical Documents have been published, all of which are preserved electronically as Adobe Acrobat Reader files (.pdf). They can be consulted / downloaded online at the official LTR site (see above).Some of their abstracts are also available in the updated list of Technical Documents, Field Manuals and Other Publications within this site.
   Final objective: based on its research results and taking into consideration the views of the riparian authorities and fishermen, the final goal of the project is to establish a lake-wide Fisheries Management Plan (FMP) for the rational and optimum exploitation of the fish stocks of Lake Tanganyika
   Recent major activities:
   the project finally has its own "official" website residing at the Fisheries Department in FAO Headquarters in Rome
   upcoming major activities for 1999: (1) implementation of the Scientific Monitoring Programme and the FMP; (2) publication and distribution on CD-ROM of all LTR reports
   an ABD/FAO feasibility study of the LTR Management Plan for Lake Tanganyika which, in future, might lead to some $40-50 million worth of fisheries development projects for the four lacustrine countries.