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Hydrobiologia publication
Hydrobiologia, Volume 407, Issue , July 1999

Table of Contents:

Fisheries research towards resource management on Lake Tanganyika
H. Mölsä, J. E. Reynolds, E. J. Coenen, O. V. Lindqvist
pp. 1-24

pp. 7-8

Symposium on Lake Tanganyika Research 11-15 September 1995, Kuopio, Finland
pp. 9-9

Symposium on Lake Tanganyika Research, 11 - 15 September 1995
pp. 10-12

A three dimensional-circulation model of Lake Tanganyika
V. Podsetchine, T. Huttula, H. Savijärvi
pp. 25-35

Mathematical modelling of Lake Baikal hydrodynamics
E. A. Tsvetova
pp. 37-43

Limnological annual cycle inferred from physical-chemical fluctuations at three stations of Lake Tanganyika
P.-D. Plisnier, D. Chitamwebwa, L. Mwape, K. Tshibangu, V. Langenberg, E. Coenen
pp. 45-58

Meromixis, stratification and internal waves in Kigoma waters of Lake Tanganyika
D. B. R. Chitamwebwa
pp. 59-64

The inflow of the Rusizi River to Lake Tanganyika
A. Vandelannoote, H. Deelstra, F. Ollevier
pp. 65-73

Chemical composition of the small rivers of the north-western part of Lake Tanganyika
S. Kimbadi, A. Vandelannoote, H. Deelstra, M. Mbemba, F. Ollevier
pp. 75-80

The stoichiometry of particulate nutrients in Lake Tanganyika - implications for nutrient limitation of phytoplankton
Marko Järvinen, Kalevi Salonen, Jouko Sarvala, Kristiina Vuorio, Anne Virtanen
pp. 81-88
Phytoplankton in Lake Tanganyika - vertical and horizontal distribution of in vivo fluorescence
K. Salonen , J. Sarvala , M. Järvinen , V. Langenberg , M. Nuottajärvi , K. Vuorio , D. B. R. Chitamwebwa
pp. 89-103

Spatial and temporal changes in copepod zooplankton communities of Lake Tanganyika
H. Kurki, I. Vuorinen, E. Bosma, D. Bwebwa
pp. 105-114

Vertical distribution and migration of pelagic Copepoda in Lake Tanganyika
I. Vuorinen , H. Kurki , E. Bosma , A. Kalangali , H. Mölsä , O. V. Lindqvist
pp. 115-121

Macrozooplankton communities in Lake Tanganyika indicate food chain differences between the northern part and the main basins
H. Kurki , P. Mannini , I. Vuorinen , E. Aro , H. Mölsä , O.V. Lindqvist
pp. 123-129

Feeding ecology of Lates stappersii in Lake Tanganyika
Piero Mannini, Ibrahim Katonda, Balthazar Kissaka, Piet Verburg
pp. 131-139

Genetic differentiation of endemic nile perch Lates stappersi (Centropomidae, Pisces) populations in Lake Tanganyika suggested by RAPD markers
Liisa Kuusipalo
pp. 141-148

Trophic structure of Lake Tanganyika: carbon flows in the pelagic food web
Jouko Sarvala, Kalevi Salonen, Marko Järvinen, Eero Aro, Timo Huttula, Pekka Kotilainen, Heini Kurki, Victor Langenberg, Piero Mannini, Anu Peltonen, Pierre-Denis Plisnier, Ilppo Vuorinen, Hannu Mölsä, Ossi V. Lindqvist
pp. 149-173

The food and feeding behaviour of Limnothrissa miodon (Boulenger, 1906) in Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe
Jimmiel J. Mandima
pp. 175-182

Prospects for the fishery on the small pelagic Rastrineobola argentea in Lake Victoria
Jan H. Wanink
pp. 183-189

Spatial and temporal patterns of zooplankton standing biomass and production in Lake Malawi
Kenneth Irvine, Revania Waya
pp. 191-205

Simulation of reproductive rate, prey selection and the survival of pelagic fish of the African Great Lakes
A.B. Thompson
pp. 207-218