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This family is represented in African waters by 1 genus and 7 species of which 4 species occur in Lake Tanganyika.

- Lates (Luciolates) stappersii (Boulenger, 1914):
   common name: sleek lates;
   distribution: Lake Tanganyika (endemic);
   maximum size: 45 cm TL;
   habitat: pelagic, closely associated with the clupeids on which it depends;
   fishing gear: liftnets, purse seines;
   feeding type: predator, feeding mainly on clupeids, i.c. Stolothrissa tanganicae but also on copepods and shrimps (this is the case in the north-eastern part of L. Tanganyika). In the south, however, the main prey species are pelagic shrimps (Mannini & al., 1999 - Hydrobiologia 407: 131-139).
   local names: adults: mukeke (Burundi), mikebuka (Tanzania), mvolo (Zaïre), nvolo, bukabuka (Zambia); juveniles: nyamunyamu (Burundi);
   other species belonging to the same genus: see below.

- Lates (Luciolates) angustifrons Boulenger, 1906:
   common name: Tanganyika lates;
   distribution: Lake Tanganyika;
   maximum size: 200 cm TL;
   habitat: young inshore (preferring rocky areas) and in streams, older fish on bottom over wide depth  range;
   fishing gear: gillnets, hook and line, seine;
   feeding type: largely on benthic cichlids but also on clupeids;
   local names: sangala (Burundi), sangara (Tanzania), capitaine (Zaire), gomba, pamba, sikiti (Zambia);
   other species belonging to the same genus:
   Lates (Lates) niloticus (Linnaeus, 1758) , widespread throughout the Ethiopian Region of Africa, occuring commonly in all major river basins including the Nile, Chad, Senegal, Volta and Zaïre; exists in Lakes Albert, Rudolph and Tana; introduced in Lake Kyoga in 1956 and spread in Lake Victoria since 1960;
   Lates (Lates) longispinis Worthington, 1932 from Lake Rudolph;
   Lates (Lates) macrophtalmus Worthington, 1929 from Lake Albert;
   and 3 other Lates species from L. Tanganyika (see details hereafter).

- Lates (Luciolates) mariae Steindachner, 1909:
   common names: Tanganyika salmon, bigeye lates, golden perch;
   maximum size: 72 cm TL;
   habitat: young inshore, adults on bottom in deep water, almost to the limit of oxygen;
   fishing gear: liftnet, seine, gill net, hook and line;
   local names: sangala (Burundi), sangara (Tanzania), pamba, ngonzi (Zambia);
   other species belonging to the same genus: see above.

- Lates (Luciolates) microlepis Boulenger, 1898:
   common names: forktail lates,Tanganyika salmon;
   distribution: Lake Tanganyika (endemic);
   maximum size: 80 cm TL;
   habitat: young inshore, adults pelagic;
   fishing gear: liftnets, purse seines,gill nets, hand lines or angling;
   feeding type: adults feed on Limnothrissa miodon and are often caught with them;
   local names: nonzi (Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia, Zaïre), nyunvi (Zambia);
   other species belonging to the same genus: see above.